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#BR2017: Empowering the Future of Technology

“We’re here to empower the crazy ones and to re-energise the market with a new-age tech festival; where we empower the rebellious, brave and unordinary
entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders. Being normal doesn’t make noise and you need to be loud, different & unique to make it. 
This is the dragons den industry but with copious opportunities if the given a place in the spotlight.

Business Rocks is here to shine the spotlight on those who are willing to take risks, disrupt the market and stand out as unordinary. We will empower those who are already challenging the status quo and leading a new era of innovations and opportunities that will create a paradigm shift in the world as we know it today.”


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A festival that empowers the community from early stage start-ups to leading tech brands. Our philosophy is to bring together the world’s most connected & fearless technology entrepreneurs and brands together to create an untouchable magic that empowers leaders to take their business to the next level.

Our audience should expect the unexpected! We’re not a normal technology expo or conference; it’s a festival of motivation, creating connections, pitching for life-changing investment, finding investors, meeting your idols and at its core an empowerment experience that will change the way you think as a leader.

We’re rough around the edges but that echo’s the city we love – Manchester and we embrace it. That’s why we bring some of the most rebellious tech leaders to the city to that does things differently.

Over 2 years the festival has grown from 200-person conference to 2000 + attendees in 2016, at #BR2017 we will see 5000 of the world’s most connected, fearless entrepreneurs & tech leaders descend on Manchester on 3 – 4 May 2017 as we set to empower the technology community and create some magic.


Who attends?

Business Rocks attracts a diverse community from global tech, startup & investment worlds to be part of our festival:

A dedicated and engaged community who travel from across the globe to be part of a unique tech, music & investment festival in the heart of a leading tech cluster within the UK – Manchester.

A festival, where descended tech leaders & pioneers collaborate and network:



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Business Rocks - Day One - Image ©Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media For bookings contact - dan@heisenbergmedia.com or +447821755904


We’re looking for the digital-era innovators, inspirational entrepreneurs and the fearless tech pioneers to join us at #BR2017 and create some BR magic!

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