Heather Wilde – CTO, Entrepreneur, Mentor, finder of unicorns.

Wilde brings a passion for innovation, technology and service, as well as experience with government agencies, corporations and startups, to her role at ROCeteer. She approaches business as an adventure to be explored, with new challenges around every corner. Her impressive and wide-ranging educational background includes the University of Alabama, Huntsville for aerospace engineering, St. John’s College, Annapolis for Liberal Arts, and Clare College, Cambridge, for Medieval British Literature.

Professionally, she has programmed microcontrollers for the Navy, worked on NASA projects, designed and managed online games for major developers, and run HR departments for small businesses as well as companies with more than 5,000 employees, established multilingual distributed teams for Billion-dollar “Unicorn” Companies, among other ventures. She emphasizes that she is always truly honored to serve the teams she works with and help them focus their strategies and vision. She is also the author “Fundamentals of Evernote” and working on the upcoming book: “The Birth of a Unicorn.”